The imagined concept begins with the works of the design team has done by protecting the integrity of the area. Fiction is part of lighting design. Correct lighting is the strongest element of the desired concept.


The design team does product work with Sketch and 3D modeling in accordance with the needs and expectations. The designed product is not only person-specific but also attention to ergonomic structure and combination with the space.


Lighting products designed for your unique spaces require teamwork in order to bring out perfectly. This special team gives a true identity of the product while being in communications with its all own project managers, lighting designers, engineers and craftsmen together. The products are came up perfectly owing to preliminary research, sample product work and the finest details


The designed and finished project inputs products are taken into production. Each part of the designed product is carefully elaborated in process areas managed by experts in their fields. Treated parts with high technology computer aided machine are taken to assembly stage after completed die-casting, punching, polishing and painting operation procedures.


Completed parts of surface treatment and process are started to be brought together during assembly stage. In order to ensure that the completed products reach the customer smoothly. They are sent packaging department by testing and checking.


Perfect delivery is only possible with a perfect secure packaging. Each product is packed in its own dimensions with the box and foam system produced in the plant and are stacked in designated shipping areas until shipment is made.

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